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On Google search results with keyword typed "keramik souvenir". "Dinikoe Souvenir" placed to number four position on page one. Maybe you want to put your banner on the site/blog "Dinikoe Souvenir". The cost is up to you, but at least (IDR)/Rp. 5.000,-. If you pay more, we are extremely grateful. For payment please go to the top menu of "Data Kami". And contact us by email at the top menu "Kontak Kami". Your banner will be placed in the "Advertisment" field for one month, after one month it will deleted. You can put your banner again according to the rules above.

"Dinikoe Souvenir" juga memiliki posisi yang dominan melalui situs-situs iklan pada sebagian besar halaman-halaman hasil pencarian Google.

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Dinikoe Souvenir

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